Raison d'etre or Map of Life?



Raison d’etre – Reason for being – reason for existence.

This a French plot.

Why do I say that?

Because, - and I apologise for the cliché – the reason for being is an ever-shifting goalpost.

Looking at a life span using ages of 12 – 22 – 42 – 82 years.

To a twelve-year-old, one of many reasons for existence may be acquiring the latest computer game. Or [with more hope than evidence] being picked for the school first XV

Add ten years and the target has changed. The girl in the tight jeans and loose nature – or [with more hope than evidence] achieving a good engineering/ mathematics/scientific degree although more likely desiring to join the money train of lawyers and accountants to enable him to win the girl.

But one raison d’etre – I think not.

Going forwards two decades. Now the naughty forties, how about financial success or seat on the board. Own business. Owning a house. Raising a family. Even the twenty-year-old girl in the tight jeans.

But only one at a time? No I don’t think so

 At eighty, and I can now speak from experience probably either getting through each day/week/year or seeing your family flourish and your grandchildren develop, or that your and your wife’s health lasts another ten years, or finishing that novel [either reading – or writing it]. Still no one reason for existence. However, for some in this group a raison d’etre is waking up every morning, and knowing with accuracy that Monday is really Monday.

Let me give you another theory. How about The Map of Life?

Looking back at the jumble of – call them coincidences – that brought me to the present. A fall from a horse. A missed phone message led to meeting my wife. A chance encounter leading to an unadvertised job vacancy. Whilst holidaying seeing on fish and chip newspaper an advertisement for the section on which we built and lived for 28 years. None of which had any pretence of being a reason for living – merely things that happened.

I am sure you all have a similar twisted trail leading to the present.

So, instead of raison d’etre how about The Map of Life where your future be it successful or not is mapped out somewhere in the Big Blue - you are stuck with it!


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26.09 | 20:42

I know how that must have felt Gerry! We recently had no power for 2 weeks; lots of buckets full of water from outside, luckily we have a tap at bottom of tank.

26.09 | 15:23

Good stuff Gerry.
Your No 1 Fan, Pam

12.10 | 19:10

Jerry- I am so glad to see that you are firing on all four cylinders, your impish sense of humour comes through again in this piece. Regards, Brian.

09.09 | 14:44

A fascinating history I don't know of any community libraries let alone one with this continuing story

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