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Written by Shirley McKinnon on 5. Aug, 2013
Hi Gerry, nice to hear of a writer who shares reality. I'm a kiwi living in Auss and have just returned from Thrillerfest in New York where I pitched my two mysteries to seven agents. Met some amazing high-profile writers but most importantly, learned to pitch. I haven't heard much about this in either NZ or Aus, but in USA and UK, it's a vital skill. Look forward to hearing more about your writing journey.
Written by M. Briggs on 24. Jun, 2013
Hello Jan and Gerry,
Nice photo of you two! Glad to hear that you're writing again, Gerry. I'm working on a manuscript that must be finished by Sept 1, so I am busy, busy, busy. Are you staying warm down there?
Written by Gerry on 15. Apr, 2013
I may as well be the first in my own guestbook

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26.09 | 20:42

I know how that must have felt Gerry! We recently had no power for 2 weeks; lots of buckets full of water from outside, luckily we have a tap at bottom of tank.

26.09 | 15:23

Good stuff Gerry.
Your No 1 Fan, Pam

12.10 | 19:10

Jerry- I am so glad to see that you are firing on all four cylinders, your impish sense of humour comes through again in this piece. Regards, Brian.

09.09 | 14:44

A fascinating history I don't know of any community libraries let alone one with this continuing story

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