How it started


              When I was 25 I tore up 15,000 words of a crime story - I remember the title “The Innocent Witness” and the opening words were - “Young man paused in indecision...”

               For the next twenty something years [maybe more - definitely more] marriage, children [in that order] career and a small matter of moving 12,000 miles from UK to New Zealand deferred my writing creativity, until a remark from my wife “You can talk” - three simple words [put the emphasis on each one in turn], prompted me to join Toastmasters with whom I stayed for ten years.

               Almost from the start I treated those seven minute speeches, which are the basis of the International Toastmaster programme, as short stories, and my enthusiasm for writing longer fiction was rekindled. An incident at a South Island Convention fuelled my first novel THE CONVENTION:




               A Toastmaster historical speech, and childhood memories motivated me to write a tribute to the British First Airborne Division - EVERY MAN AN EMPEROR - A fact-based story about the Battle of Arnhem Oosterbeek - you may remember the movie A Bridge Too Far. I spent many happy hours researching this epic failure to secure a major bridge over the Rhine in late in 1944:




               Currently I am offering my latest baby, a crime story with a difference. Fraud and corruption in a national charity, and a man’s fightback following two years of tragedy and trauma.




What next?

I am currently working on a novel going back to the mid 1980s - during the days when New Zealand underwent a revolution - not an armed revolution but one powered by financial freedom. When almost overnight we went from being the most highly financially regulated country in the Western World to being the least regulated. The days when clubs - wives - social - sporting - workmates all turned into share clubs.

Amongst the financial yuppies - the makers and shakers were the financial pirates taking advantage of a financially naive population. Business scams proliferated.

My story set in both UK and New Zealand is fact-based and features a bloodstock [thoroughbred horses] scam that fooled many greedy investors.

Through this website I will keep you in the picture as to progress.

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Brian Watkins | Reply 16.04.2013 20.57

First page fireworks, this looks like the start of something cracking. I can't wait to see the plot unfold. I hope it will sparkle like" The Charity"

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26.09 | 20:42

I know how that must have felt Gerry! We recently had no power for 2 weeks; lots of buckets full of water from outside, luckily we have a tap at bottom of tank.

26.09 | 15:23

Good stuff Gerry.
Your No 1 Fan, Pam

12.10 | 19:10

Jerry- I am so glad to see that you are firing on all four cylinders, your impish sense of humour comes through again in this piece. Regards, Brian.

09.09 | 14:44

A fascinating history I don't know of any community libraries let alone one with this continuing story

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